Best Lemon Bars – EVER!

Sometimes you just need something lemony, you know? And, this weekend, I wanted lemon bars. Problem? They needed to be gluten-free and low-carb. Tall order, let me tell you! Now, I’ve eaten my fair share of lemon bars made with white flour and sugar. Many were good, some were ok, and unfortunately, others were not … Continue reading

Raspberry Crumble Bars

My husband prefers desserts without chocolate as the star ingredient. I, on the other hand, am all about chocolate. Now, my husband is a good guy, and while he’s really particular when it comes to savory dishes, he rarely turns down a dessert, with or without chocolate. However, he usually doesn’t want to eat it … Continue reading

Save Room for Dessert…Espresso Brownies

I made and served these little treats following a library website usability study.  Our participants loved them, and the leftovers were a big hit with the rest of the staff.  What I like about them, and I think everyone on a tight schedule will appreciate, is the fact that you can create them from scratch … Continue reading

Save Room for Dessert…Strawberry Bars

The busy season is upon us, well, us, as in my family, that is. Gardening, festivals, crawfish boils, you name it, and we’re either in the midst of it, heading out to it, or recuperating from from it. So, my cooking style is either a put it in the oven/slow cooker and forget it meal, … Continue reading

Heavenly Hash Brownies

A few weeks ago, I was organizing some recipes in my binder, and I came across this recipe clipped from a newspaper.  I cannot even tell you from which paper, as it was the recipe alone.  I’m fairly certain this is from my mother’s collection, as on the back of the recipe there is a portion of a grocery ad for … Continue reading