Ina’s Garden…Rosemary Roasted Cashews

Hello out there! So, it’s been a month, or thereabout, since I’ve posted. To bring you up-to-date, we’ve moved into the new house, the painters have finished & moved on, and my home looks like a frat house! Our furniture is still in the other house, so we have 3 recliners (one for each of us), mattresses on the floor, a small dining table, some bookshelves, and a legion of unpacked boxes. Andrew thinks it’s great, Brett is ok with the chaos, and I’m in a semi-perpetual state of anxiety. Good stuff…

Anyway, I returned from Cleveland on Sunday following a 4-day business trip. In between conference sessions, we visited the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Westside Market, the Cleveland Brown’s stadium, Penzey’s, and took a tour of the city on Lolly the Trolley. Nice city, fun time, although I thought we’d have some relief from our humidity, but it followed us north. After settling in and spending some time with my guys, I headed to the kitchen to make one of the easiest appetizers ever. Seriously, I don’t think it gets any easier than Ina’s Rosemary Roasted Cashews, Mia’s Appetizing Appetizers pick for our August 4th Ina’s Garden theme.

To be honest, while my staff loved these cashews, I wasn’t over-the-moon about them. They’re good, yes, but I’d not likely make them again, or if I did, I’d leave out the rosemary. I loved the salty, spicy, sweet combo, but I was a put-off by the rosemary; however, if you’re a rosemary fan, you’re going to love these.  You can find the recipe on Mia’s blog, Bright Morning Star or here. If you’re not a fan of nuts, please join us and link up your favorite Ina Garten appetizer. You can link back here or to any of the hostess’ blogs, April at The 21st Century Housewife, Chaya at Bizzy B. Bakes, Yummy Chunklet at Yummychunklet, Mia at Bright Morning Star, and Peggy at Pantry Revisted, or at our main Ina Garden’s site.

Ina's Garden


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