Eggplant Pizza

Eggplant is a favorite vegetable; even during the winter, when eggplant is out of season locally, I have no compunction about buying a couple provided the calyx is still a bright green.  As it happened, Albertsons had beautiful eggplants just a week or two ago, and I bought 3.  I made a casserole with one, grilled the other with my honey vinaigrette, and the third found its destiny on this pizza. 

A friend of mine had suggested that I try Muir Glen’s pizza sauce, so I had bought a can and used half of it to make a pepperoni pizza for Brett and Andrew.  I knew that the other half of the can would be forgotten in my fridge, so I decided to just use it right then.  I diced my remaining eggplant, sauteed it with a bit of olive oil and garlic until it softened, then I poured in the remaining pizza sauce.  I let it cook until it thickened, cooled it quickly in the frige, and then spread it on my dough, added thin slices of fresh mozzarella, and tossed it into the oven.  If you have not tried this pizza sauce, please do!  It tastes homemade, seriously.  There are chunks of onions, you can see the oregano, and it has no weird canned taste.  Awesome sauce, as was the pizza.  I ate a piece for dinner and brought the rest to the office, where my staff loved it as much as I did.  I cannot wait for fresh eggplant from the garden, because this is a pizza that I will make often; in fact, just the eggplant and the sauce make a delicious veggie side dish, or pasta sauce – it’s that good.

Eggplant Pizza Printable recipe
Pizza crust (I used this recipe)
1 eggplant, diced
2 garlic cloves
2-3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1-1 1/2 cup(s) Muir Glen pizza sauce
Grated Parmesan cheese, optional
Fresh mozzarella, sliced thinly

Dice eggplant; you can peel it if you like, but I didn’t.
Peel and mince garlic cloves.
Heat olive in a large skillet, add diced eggplant and garlic, tossing to coat with the olive oil.
Cook on medium-high heat until eggplant begins to soften and edges are turning golden brown, adding more olive oil if necessary.
Pour in pizza sauce, bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until thickened and eggplant cooked through.
Spoon into a shallow bowl and place in refrigerator to cool.
Preheat oven to 400 degrees and press out pizza dough.
Spread eggplant onto dough, sprinkle on Parmesan cheese and add sliced mozzarella.
Bake until pizza is cheese is bubbly and pizza is cooked through, about 15-20 minutes.
Slice into squares and serve.


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