New Orleans-style Barbecue Shrimp

My brother and sister-in-law, along with their 2 boys, arrived from St. Louis on Monday.  So, yesterday, Brett & I hosted my family’s Christmas celebration.  We had all of my brother’s favorites – lasagna, Italian sausage, and the subject of today’s post, New Orleans-style barbecued shrimp.  Now, for the uninitiated, barbecued shrimp in Louisiana aren’t cooked on a grill nor or they covered in bbq sauce.  Nope, they are cooked in an incredibly decadent butter sauce brimming with spices.  The recipe concept dates back to the 1950’s at a New Orleans restaurant, Pascal Manale’s; you can click here for more information.
Now, there are as many versions of bbq shrimp as there are people, and everyone has their favorite or secret.  We’ve tried creating our own, but always return to Marcelle Bienvenu’s recipe from her cookbook, Who’s Your Mama, Are You Catholic, and Can You Make a Roux?  I have tweaked it just a smidge, as I prefer fresh garlic to garlic powder, but you can use garlic powder if that’s your preference.  For those of you starting a New Year’s diet, etc, make this recipe before the stroke of midnight, as it’s definitely not lo-cal, but it’s an awesome way to welcome the New Year!

Click for printable Recipe
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17 thoughts on “New Orleans-style Barbecue Shrimp

  1. girl…you are making me long for louisianna! every time i come to see you…you have something that i could just sink my teeth in to! you are amazing and i am so glad you share all these wonderful gifts with tuesday night supper club. happy new year!

  2. I'm the unititiated! This recipe sounds like it would be so much fun for a big family gathering. Get people to put their hands on their food and have a little butter running down their elbows. Thanks for sharing with the Hearth and Soul hop.

  3. Oh my word! Those shrimp look absolutely amazing! I love that they have a long history as well. So glad I stopped by from the Tuesday Night Supper Club! Happy New Year! Jenn

  4. Yes, on the fresh garlic! And on these succulent shrimp! What a delicious feast you served up! Have fun visiting with your family and Happy New Year! xoxo

  5. Oh my, that looks beyond amazing! Wish I could stop by your place for a meal…YUM! And yes, fresh garlic anytime I can! Sounds amazing, thanks so much for sharing it w/ the hearth and soul hop this week, Louanne!! 😀

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