Save Room for Dessert…Pecan Kringle

 We hosted my husband’s family Christmas party on Saturday night. It was an appetizer potluck, with everyone contributing a favorite appetizer. I decided to make mini muffalettas, along with a few desserts, one of which is today’s post. There’s a New Orleans bakery that makes a Cajun Kringle, and it is outstanding! I needed something a bit quicker, though, so I searched about in all of my magazines and cookbooks and came across this little wonder in a small publication by Land o’Lakes. The taste is quite similar to the Cajun Kringle, so I think it’s fantastic, and best of all, the recipe makes two! I did tweak it the recipe, as I used vanilla extract instead of maple, and I used my own brown sugar icing, but I’ll provide you with the Land o’Lakes icing, as well. If you’re still working on your Christmas dessert menu, this is a great recipe to try!

Click here for the recipe.


14 thoughts on “Save Room for Dessert…Pecan Kringle

  1. Hey Louanne! This looks like a treat my Mom used to make me. I loved it when I was little. I might have to give this a try-going to look more closely at the ingredients now…

  2. My Aunt used to send us Kringle each year…now she lives here in Florida where we live. This is a great recipe to try. Thanks for sharing it! Yummy!

  3. what I wouldn't give to be at a family gathering where you made the dessert…there's nothing like a good kringle and this sounds fantastic!

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