Empire Biscuits

My sister-in-law Renee, and her two daughters, Michelle & Becky, are visiting us from Scotland.  Thus far, they have been to the beach, and experienced the tropical heat that is New Orleans during the summer, including visiting the zoo, aquarium, Pancho’s(Renee & my husband heart Pancho’s), the French Quarter, and ridden the streetcar
Before their arrival, Renee and the girls also said they wanted to spend a day with me in my kitchen, cooking & baking.  So, on Thursday, we had a marathon cooking session which included making dirty rice, fried eggplant, cookie pizza, and empire biscuits, a Scottish cookie biscuit, and a favorite of my husband.  Never having eaten or baked these before, I searched around a bit, and found today’s recipe on Recipezaar.  My husband and the girls said it was pretty close to those from Scotland.  It’s a simple recipe which results in a lovely little treat.

Michelle and the biscuits.

Our two lovely lassies, Becky & Michelle.

In the front, Andrew, Becky, Michelle
In the back, Paige

The Cookie Pizza Experience



5 thoughts on “Empire Biscuits

  1. Hey Louanne,
    This is my second visit to this page since I've been home…the girls photos are great! Was thinking of making the dirty rice for dinner today! 🙂
    Renee x

  2. Thanks y'all! We had such a wonderful visit. They left today, so we're all a little sad; I'm trying to convince the husband that we need to visit Scotland next summer.

  3. The biscuits are so pretty! And cookie pizzas? Where have they been all my life? it sounds like you're packing in a lot stuff to do. Enjoy the visit!

  4. It sounds like you all are having a wonderful visit! These biscuits look great, I love the huge ones with all the sprinkles! 🙂

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