Rainbow Layer Cake

Remember Roy G Biv, the mnemonic device to remember the colors of a rainbow?  Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.  Here’s the thing, I had no purple food coloring; I couldn’t find food coloring (locally) in the shade of indigo, and I had an issue, obviously, when I tried to mix red and blue to make my own.  So, here’s the first 5 colors of the spectrum, and some weird brown/purplish/looks-like-chocolate shade.  Why did I make a cake in the colors of the rainbow, you ask?  Well, Andrew, the future scientist/astronaut/archaeologist, asked me if I could.  How could I say “no” to this child?
I used the recipe for this cake.  Since I wanted to make 6 layers, I divided the batter and added dry & gel food color to get really vibrant shades.  Make your life easy and be sure that you have purple and violet food coloring on hand; if not, you’ll also end up with a weird brown/purplish/looks-like-chocolate shade.  To make baking the layers easy peasy, I used disposable aluminum pans.  Be sure to grease, line with parchment, and grease again.  The layers baked in about 15 minutes at 350 degrees.   To finish, I used a simple buttercream frosting.  I can’t wait to make this in red, white, and blue for July 4th.  I know I have those colors
Simple Buttercream Printable recipe
2 sticks unsalted butter, softened
2 teaspoons vanilla
6-8 tablespoons milk
7-8 cups powdered sugar
Beat butter and vanilla until fluffy.  Add 7 cups of the powdered sugar and 5 tablespoons of the milk.  Continue to beat frosting, adding the remaining milk and powdered sugar until desired consistency.  I used all 8 tablespoons of milk and 7 1/2 cups powdered sugar.

3 thoughts on “Rainbow Layer Cake

  1. Thanks, ya'll! Andrew was beyond excited. He started naming off the holidays and which colors we could use. Can't wait to make a red/white/blue version.

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